Greeting and Welcome in Erlenbach a. Main !

Das Rathaus von Erlenbach a.Main The town hall of Erlenbach a.Main

Our friendly little town salute, with a heartfelt WELCOME, all our visitors. The town Erlenbach a.Main is ideally located along one of the most beautiful sections of the "Main River" valley, framed by the "Spessart" in the east and the "Odenwald" to the west. Erlenbach consists of three (3) quarters that were integrated in a country wide government restructuring. The town is called Erlenbach and the quarters are called Mechenhard and Streit.  The town of Erlenbach is current the largest town in the county of Miltenberg. In fact, the number of inhabitants is greater than the number of inhabitants of the town of Miltenberg, the county seat. Erlenbach offers a multitude of cultural activities that invite visitors to spent their time here. The quality of life invites people to want to establish a residence. Our little town is an ideal place that conveys a feeling of "small town life" and "feel good". Hopefully, this brochure will serve as a window to our community, inviting you to spend some time with us.

1. Mayor   (Michael Berninger)