Economy and Commerce


In the early years of the 19th Century Erlenbach was still a place like many others. Its economy was exclusively based on agriculture and forestry. A document dated in 1806 informed us, that besides the civil and church servants, the farmers and the farm hands, Erlenbach only had two bakers, two brewers, two smiths, two tailors and two shoemakers, four weavers, three cabinet makers, two carpenters and no butchers.


Early in the 20th century the textile industry, a cottage industry, expanded into our region. Tailors worked at home and delivered weekly their work to the clothing manufacturers in Aschaffenburg. In 1918/19 the Woerth Shipyards relocated to the other side of the river to Erlenbach. It offered the manufacturer room for expansion and less danger of flooding. The "Glanzstoff Werke", a chemical plant that produces man-made fibers, began production in 1924. With all these job opportunities available, the influx of skilled and non-skilled workers created a significant shortage of housing, which in turn boosted the building industry.

The Erlenbach dockyard
The Erlenbach dockyard
     Die »Glanzstoff-Werke« (ICO)     
     The factories »Glanzstoff-Werke« within the boundaries of Erlenbach
       ( currently named: ICO )


Trade and business flourishes locally. The town has a broad base of merchandise and plans to expand the existing shopping choices by adding needed stores. The Association for Trade and Commerce actively supports the town's planning efforts and works diligently to improve the market place. Our slogan states: "Don't leave town, buy locally".