Viticulture, Winefestival, and more


The Romans may have brought grapes into the Main Valley, but it took another one thousand years before Erlenbach's viticulture was documented for the first time on January 2, 1261. Erlenbach grow some of the best wines in Germany.

Vineyard steps    The Erlenbach vineyards    Traminer grapes
Here grow the grapes for next year's wine of Erlenbach


As historical records show, that wine was already served in Erlenbach's "Häckerwirtschaften" by the year 1668. This "Häckerwirtschaft" system, regulated and controlled by local police, permits wine-growers to open a temporary tavern in their private homes up to 8 weeks a year to sell their wine. These "Häckerwirtschaften" enjoy a high degree of popularity even today. The charm of privacy has now reached the level of rarity. Occasionally, you still find that the room in which you are consuming wine is really a family's bedroom.


A critical situation arose approximately 25 years ago in the local viticulture. A lack of interest by the younger generation to continue wine growing family traditions caused the size of private vineyards to decrease dramatically. Not wanting to lose this valuable tradition, the town began buying unused vineyards on the "Hochberg" and started to produce a variety of wines. The Wine Estate Erlenbach combined forces with neighboring Elsenfeld to strengthen their market position due to increasing competition in the European market place. Erlenbach's wine estate, 54.3 acres of cultivated vineyards, is one of the largest in our region. Our red wines gained national recognition by being included at a number of government affairs and receptions of the "Bundespräsident" (President of the Federal Republic of Germany). Numerous regional awards and nationwide distinctions are the testimony for an outstanding quality of our products.

The Erlenbach Wine Estate
The Erlenbach Wine Estate
     The typical Franconish wine-bottle (Bocksbeutel=bag-shaped bottle for Franconian wine)
     The Erlenbach Wine expects its friends


The "Hofschoppenfest" held at the wine estate and the annual "Weinfest" near the open air pool, enjoys considerable popularity among wine connoisseurs. Erlenbach is also a stop on the so-called "Frankish Red Wine Hiking Path" which follows the Main River from "Großwallstadt to Bürgstadt". If you hike along the vineyards on the hillside, you will enjoy the panoramic view over the Main Valley, while tasting locally produces wines.

The Main valley at Erlenbach
The Main valley at Erlenbach
     The markings of the »Francish Red Wine Hiking Path«
     The markings of the »Francish Red Wine Hiking Path«

The markings shown along the »Frankish Red Wine Hiking Path«, guide wine lovers and those who aspire to become wine connoisseurs, over the Erlenbach »Hochberg« offering a beautiful panoramic view over the Main Valley.