Town twinnings


Town twinnings A local politician's visiting of a small town named Erlenbach in Switzerland on the Lake Zurich spawned the idea to form an "international town twinning" between both communities. This town twinning, formed in 1971, resulted in exchanges on the municipal level and contributed to a better understanding and cooperation between countries. In 1996, the city of Saint Maurice, on the outskirt area of Paris, became another Partner City to Erlenbach. Youngest town twinning community is Erlenbach im Simmental. Contacts with this Swiss community in the Bernese Oberland has also been set since 1971. The town twinning was sealed official in June 2012 in Switzerland. The town twinning ceremony in Erlenbach am Main was in October 2013. So, In this way, Erlenbach gives his contribution to advance international and ethnical relations among people.