The natural preserve Spessart (Western Part)

( with the localities Alzenau, Aschaffenburg, Obernburg am Main, Elsenfeld,
  Erlenbach am Main, Wörth am Main, Klingenberg am Main, Großheubach,
  Kleinheubach, Miltenberg, Bürgstadt and their sights )


Alzenau Castle Alzenau (15th century),
Jews-cemetery (layed out in 1812),
The little castle Michelbach with a local-museum.


Aschaffenburg Castle Johannisburg (17th Century), the Pompejanum (1842-1849) is an imitation of the villa of "Castor and Pollux, excavated in Pompeji" with southern grounds, the collegiate church St. Peter and Alexander is a mighty basilica (long-house 12th Century), the Schönborner Hof (baroque-arrangement), the so-called Storchennest [stork nest] (patrician's-house of the late-renaissance), the landscape-park Schönbusch [beautiful-bush], layed out in the year 1775, is the oldest classic landscape-garden in English Style in Germany, park Schöntal [beautiful-valley] and many museums. The Carillon in the east-tower of the castle Johannisburg is to hear at 09.05, 12.05 and 17.05 o'clock.


Kochsmühle Medieval town center and town fortification with "Almosen"-tower, town hall (around 1800) and "Roman"-museum.


Heimatmuseum Village-church and St.-Pius-curch, local-museum, hill graves in the forest "Elsenwald", cloister Himmelthal (from 1232) at Rück-Schippach.

Erlenbach a. Main

Kirche Erlenbach Maintal bei Erlenbach
The roman catholic parish-church St.-Peter and Paul was extended in 1966 by a modern octagon-construction. The long-house of the church comes from the year 1907. Remained are the gothic church tower and valuable pieces of the old equipment. Outstanding are the renaissance-altar of 1616 and a pietà from the time about 1450. The St.-Josef-church in the "Siedlung" [residential area] was built 1955 and the evangelic Martin-Luther-church in the year 1956.

Wörth a. Main

Altes Rathaus (1600) Shipping museum in the former St.-Wolfgang church, the old town hall (1600) - now community center, former gallows, roman catholic parish church with gothic-winged altar-piece (around 1485) and crucifixion group (early 16th century), historical old town and remains of the former city fortification (e.g., the "Obere Tor [the upper gate]").



Klingenberg Above the city on half height of the hill "Schanzberg", is enthroned the Clingenburg from the 15th Century and on the mountain-back (ridge), stands an outlook-tower amid a celtic-germanic ring-wall.
Klingenberg is »the red wine-city of Franconia«.
Annual castle-festivals.


Großheubach Cloister Engelberg (1630) with pilgrimage-church high over Großheubach, it is easy to reach by car or on foot over a stairway with 612 steps. Old town hall (1612) with stair tower and and beautiful old franconian half-timbered houses, parish-church St. Peter (1609), house of the family Abendanz.

In Großheubach ends the so-called »Eselsweg« [donkey's-way].


Kleinheubach On the Großheubach opposite side of the river Main is the castle Kleinheubach, it is a three-winged, three-storied baroque-building, which has been built by the master builder Johann Dientzenhofer according to the plans of La Fosse. Besides, there are also sights as:  the protestant baroque-church (1706), the old town hall (1732), the jews-bath, the jews-cemetery, the former synagogue and parts of the old city wall with gate at the Main (1620), "local-museum im Bahnhof (railroad station)".


Miltenberg Burg Where the Odenwald and the Spessart meet, there lies Miltenberg. Earlier the town lay on the trade route between Frankfurt and Nürnberg. This was a reason, why one lent to her the fair-, coining money- and pile-right. After the thirty-year-war the trade routes were new positioned - certainly, this led to the fact that the period of bloom was past, however, the city retained her centuries-old townscape. This intact medieval townscape with the picturesque market-place as the center has brought the city Miltenberg the title "City of wood". The market-place named "Schnatterloch", with the fountain and the half-timbered houses around, is a very popular photo motive as well as the over it lying Kurmainz castle Mildenburg. The town hall of 1379 with original gothic beam-ceiling, a lot of gates, turrets and walls, the romantic alleys and the oldest monarch's lodging of Germany ("Zum Riesen [to the giant]", 1591) do Miltenberg to an especially romantic town.

Museums in the town Miltenberg


Bürgstadt, Rathaus Bürgstadt, Martins-Kapelle
The market Bürgstadt is a neighbor-community of Miltenberg and lies at the estuary of the little river Erf into the river Main. Sights are the historic town hall (renaissance-building from 1590), the late-romanesque parish-church St. Maragreta (erected about 1300), the Martin-chapel is regarded as one of the oldest christian sanctuaries at the lower-Main-region (built about 950), circular hillfort and pre-historical excavations and the "Centgrafen-chapel".