The natural preserve Spessart (Northern part)

( with the localities Burgsinn, Rieneck, Gemünden and their sights )


Burgsinn Burg Water-castle (12th Century) with castle keep (10th Century), the so-called "Neues Schloss [New castle]" (Renaissance-building of 1620, private possession), the little "Fronhof"-castle (1607), the Rienecker gate, the old town-hall, the Thüngensche estate from 1750 (right next to the water castle), the valleys of the Sinn and the Saale.


Rieneck Burg Castle Rieneck with romanic chapel (12th Century), market place with old houses and town-hall with pillory, on a close hill, the "Kreuzkapelle [cross-chapel]" (1628), a little local-museum, the valleys of the small rivers Sinn and Saale.

Gemünden am Main

Huttenschloss Gemünden Castle-ruin "Scherenburg" 13th Century, the little "Hutten"-castle Gemünden (1711), cloister-ruin "Schönrain", cloister "Schönau", the "Ronkarz"-garden.