With the union of Erlenbach and Mechenhard on 1 January 1976 and the integration of the municipality of Streit on 1 May 1978, the town Erlenbach a. Main has grown in importance. In September 2000 it was possible to announce the 10,000th inhabitant. Erlenbach is currently the municipality with the greatest number of inhabitants in the district of Miltenberg. But the future is not easy.
Die Pfarrkirche im Stadtteil Mechenhard                            Die Kapelle am Ortsausgang von Mechenhard
The parish church in the urban quarter Mechenhard     The chapel at the end of the urban quarter Mechenhard

Stadtteil Streit          Die Pfarrkirche im Stadtteil Streit
The urban quarter Streit                                          The parish church in the urban quarter Streit

Erlenbach's financial strength was diminishing and the available infrastructure is asking for its price. The open-air swimming pool on the slope of the "Hochberg", the "VHS" (People's University), the music school, the town library, the secondary school, the high school and other institutions are institutions that give Erlenbach an important supra-regional significance. At the same time, however, they also charge urban finances. Here an excellent infrastructure, there, the tense financial situation - matching these two factors with the outlook for the future is always a delicate operation.