Even though the Romans probably already brought the vines to the Main valley, 1000 years later they had to pass until a document of January 2,1261 proves, for the first time, the viticulture in Erlenbach.

Vineyard steps    Erlenbach vineyards    Traminer Grapes
Here grows the Erlenbach wine

It is also documented that already in 1668 in Erlenbach wine became served in "Häoenophileckerwirtschaften". From 1868 onwards, a police regulation already regulated that each local resident was allowed to "serve his wines and fruit wines in his own home". But only for a maximum of eight weeks. The "Häckerwirtschaften" also enjoy great popularity even today. The "Charm of the private" has in the meantime, certainly, the value of rarity. But here and there, there is also the apartment still has a clear place, where at least the images on the wall indicate that you are served the wine in a bedroom.

In the eighties of the 19th century, a critical situation was sketched out for local viticulture. Due to the lack of young generations interested in winegrower families, private vineyards threatened to diminish in size. The town reacted - she decided to found an urban wine-growing estate to guarantee a future for viticulture on the slopes of the Hochberg. The first cuvèe was bottled in 1985 in the new winery. At the beginning, it then resumed the surfaces became free from the hands of winegrowers. On an increasing areal, the wines are now produced by him and the other winegrowers and enjoy a good reputation in our own region and elsewhere than the region and also, they were already being served at the state receptions of the Federal President. On 1 January 1997, the communal wine-growing estate merged with the Markt Elsenfeld wine-growing estate to form an inter-municipal business in order to strengthen its presence on the increasingly difficult sales market. In the meantime, the wine estate has become private property.

The wine-growing estate    The typical Bocksbeutel
The wine-growing estate                                  The Erlenbach wine awaits its friends

A lot of events around wine and above all "the annual wine festival" in the square below the swimming pool on the side of "Hochberg" is very much loved by many oenophiles. Erlenbach a. Main is also a resort on the "Franconian redwine hiking trail" from Großwallstadt to Bürgstadt. Because of the high value that red wine above all possesses here, it is a lesser thing.

The Main Valley at Erlenbach      The Main Valley at Erlenbach      The symbol of the »Franconian redwine hiking trail«
The Main Valley at Erlenbach

The symbol of the "Franconian redwine hiking trail" leads, those who love wine and such who want to become that, also on the "Hochberg" of Erlenbach, and offers you there, a wonderful panorama-view into the Main valley.