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A rental-contract is considered as agreed as soon as the holiday apartment is promised by the landlord via a written reservation confirmation!

To arrive and to depart
Check-in:     between 13-14 o'clock or by an agreement
Check-out:   at the latest 10 o'clock

Payment mode
♦ The rental price must be paid in cash on the day of your arrival to get the keys!
Without payment, no apartment.

Duty of care
♦ Damages to the furnishings caused by a willful destruction will be charged to you in full amount of damages! The same applies to consequential damages that may result by the connection of defective devices brought by you.
♦ Any willful rearrangement of the spatial arrangement in the vacation apartment, given to you for the period of your stay, is prohibited !
♦ In all rooms candles and smoking are strictly prohibited! Fire damage caused by lit candles or other open fire, will be billed you after the damage-repairing !
♦ Please save from a loss the provided furniture in the time of your stay. Always close the windows in storm and rain and check for any fire hazards !
♦ Subleasing or overnight stays of other persons in the apartment is disallowed !
♦ Should happen to you a little mishap, such as broken glasses or dinnerware or something else, so please contact us so that we can do a replacement or a repair.
♦ If you recognize defects, such as a defective lighting, clogging of sinks / drains or loose parts of furniture or other furnishings, please let us know so we can fix them immediately.

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay!
Fam. Handel – Fewo MRH 63906 Erlenbach a.Main