The Franconian Red Wine hiking trail      »Walk among the vineyards« pic-Rotweinwanderweg
In 6 stages of about 70 kms in length or in 5 stages of about 55 kms in length, you can walk along the beautifully situated terraced vineyards and along the charming towns, villages and surroundings of the Main Valley. The Franconian Red Wine hiking trail leads from Großwallstadt via Obernburg, Elsenfeld/Rück, Erlenbach, Klingenberg, Großheubach and Miltenberg to Bürgstadt.

Churfrankensteig      »Walk among the vineyards« pic-Churfrankensteig
Between Erlenbach and Klingenberg at about 3 kms by a "classified easy" route and a selected "classified difficult" route with climbing facilities in the rocky area.
(Length approx. 400 m, of which approx. 70 m with steel cables.)

Untermain-Chemin des Planètes      »Section / part de la piste cyclable dans la vallée du"Main"« pic-Planetenweg
The »Planets Routes« starts in Erlenbach am Main at the school centre of the Barbarossa-Hauptschule / Hermann-Staudinger-Gymnasium and runs along the bicycle route (Main Valley Cycling Route) between Erlenbach and Kleinwallstadt. It represents the dimension of the planets and their distance from the sun by a scale of 1:100000000000 (one billion).

The swimming pool Bergschwimmbad      »Relax and relieve stress in the nature« pic-Bergschwimmbad
To relax, you can go to the idyllic swimming pool on the outskirts of Erlenbach in the direction of Mechenhard. The unique location on the hillside of Hochberg - the gateway to the vineyards - offers a panoramic view into the Main valley.

Didactic chestnut trail      »Interesting facts about chestnuts« pic-Esskastanien-Lehrpfad
The didactic chestnut trail in Klingenberg begins and ends as a tour to the ruin of the castle Clingenburg Castle. The course is about 2.6 km long and lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the speed of the walk and how long you stop at each station.

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